Our Plastic Free certification for the first global standardised Plastic Free Trust Mark from A Plastic Planet is available to brands and producers.

Plastic and its associated problems have become a very complicated issue and the aim of the Plastic Free standard is to bring clarity to the world of plastics, using relatable language.

Plastic Free is the only certification scheme of its kind, which aims to certify end products and innovative packaging materials containing 0% plastic.

The end goal is to dramatically reduce the use of indestructible plastic that is destroying our oceans, soils and air, and the health of future generations.

The standard is focussed on the use of conventional plastic, especially in packaging and single-use products. Recent history has proven that recycling this kind of plastic is not always the answer but currently, the public have no choice but to buy everything packaged in this imperishable material.

Plastic Free certification will give customers complete confidence that the products they are buying with the Trust Mark are truly plastic free.

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